SVG Generator

Michigan Naturalist Table

This is a simple one day project that is intended to simplify my life. I was intending to use the SVG element to create some interesting wave like patterns as part of a website background for a different project. I was unable to find a simple online tool that would allow you to create a somewhat complex set of bezier curves.

So I decided to throw together a fairly simplistic Bezier Curve path generator using Vanilla JS and the Canvas element.

The result is a tool that you can use to visually create svg paths and export to the nessisary path commands for the SVG element. I could likely have just used GIMP or Inkscape, but this was more fun.

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There are a few limitations on this tool that I may try to address down the road:

  1. It only supports stroke, and not nessisarily fill.
  2. It is not a fully responive site.