I am a software developer who specializes in interactive exhibit software for museums and non-profits. I also dabble in woodworking and gardening.

Highlighted Projects
A picture of a piano coatrack with keys extended to use as hooks
Piano Coatrack

A wedding gift

A screenshot of recipe collection app
Recipe App

Family recipe sharing

A screenshot of an interactive map exhibit
Turtle Bay

Explore the city of Redding, CA

A photo of a wooden dodecahedron

A handcrafted gift

An image of a model plane and diorama
Dynamics of Flight

Learn about how planes fly

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Recent Posts

Three.js Haunted House

June 2024

A project from a Three.js course I am working through

2024 Gardening!

June 2024

A look at this years attempts at gardening.

Family Recipe App

December 2023

A family focused recipe storage and sharing application.

Piano Coatrack

May 2023

A wedding gift for my sister

Family List App

Febuary 2023

A family focused recipe storage and sharing application.

Recipe Generator

September 2022

A Markdown to PDF converter to simplify recipes

Typescript Constellations!

November 2019

Random weekend project for animated points and lines in Javascript