Constellations Animation

The Constellations animation above was a fun weekend project to get my feet wet with Javascript and web programming after spending most of my days working in Unity or QT/C++. I ended up using Typescript and the Canvas element to re-create a common animation seen around the web. Typescript made the transition from C++/C# much smoother then jumping straight back into Javascript

This animation consists of a set of randomly moving points, and a known max seperation distance for when to render the lines. I did have some trouble getting the canvas to play nice with resizing screens and being responsive.

Some potential future work:

  1. Implement a gradient on each line based on length
  2. Combine the lines with my a boid implentation I did a while ago to just to see what happens

In addition to the Javascript implementation above I also spend some time implementing the same type of animation as a way to get more familiar with Godot. The Godot animation can be found on github.