Jump In

Jump In Exhibit During Testing

Jump In is an exciting exhibit that was designed and build for Caytons Childrens Museum in Santa Monica California. This exhibit allows children to see how tall they are, and then explore the act of jumping. The visitor approaches two massive 86 inch stretch monitors that are built into a wall.

Once they step into a circle on the floor the screen will transition to a real time measure of their height on the screen, as well as a live video of themselves.

After a few seconds will lock in place. Once it locks in place the screen will transition to instructions that the visitor will need to prepare to jump.

Next the screen will begin a 3 second countdown, prompt the visitor to jump, and capture a slow motion video of the visitors jump.

Finally the exhibit will transition into a summary screen that plays the visitor their slow motion video and shows how high they jumped compared to their height.

Both attract screens of Jump In during testing with sensors hung

How it works

This exhbit is based around two ultrasonic sensors that are placed directly above each visitor station. These sensors are used to control they entire experiance, they trigger the initial transition from the exhibits attract mode into the jump sequence, and handle visitors leaving during the experiance.

The sensors are accurate down to about 24 inches from the floor allowing any visitor that is old enough to walk to be able to engage with the exhibit. Additionally visitors with mobility issues are still able to use the exhibit and can interact by raising an arm, or other appendage.